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Super Betting Tips for Round 10 of the Dutch Eredivisie

Updated: Mar 6

Eredivisie Round 10 Super Betting Heroes Round 10 of the Eredivisie. The league where the future stars of the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and American Major League Soccer (MLS) are made. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Limo, also called Ronaldo or O Fenomeno, started in Europe at PSV. At PSV, he managed to score 30 goals in 33 matches. After this, he moved on to Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. With the national team of Brazil, he won the World Cup in 1994 and 2002.

In round 10, two matches are particularly interesting. The first is between FC Emmen and FC Volendam. They are second-to-last (17th) and last (18th) in the league and are already battling against demotion. The other match is between current leaders AZ and No. 4 Feyenoord. AZ is playing extremely consistently, and Feyenoord is still searching for the right form but is still placing themselves at the top of the league.


Round 9 did not have many surprises. FC Groningen's loss at home against RKC Waalwijk was a surprise to many. However, our algorithm correctly predicted the win for RKC Waalwijk. Feyenoord's win against FC Twente was somewhat fortunate, given FC Twente's early red card. The red card allowed Feyenoord to take the win relatively easily. The final surprise was Fortuna Sittard's win against Vitesse. Whereas Vitesse always competed for European soccer in past seasons, they have now dropped to 16th place. Fortuna Sittard also started the league dramatically. However, after firing the coach, they have had superb results. Of our 6 picks, as many as 5 were correct. With a bet of 25, our algorithm won 108.27. That's a 333% return on investment. This is a return on investment that stock and crypto investors can only dream of. Of course, we again played our system, the #LuckyAlex.

1st super betting tip of 6

Our algorithm's first prediction is the Friday night tie between FC Emmen and FC Volendam. Both teams are in bad form and get many goals against them. FC Volendam scores slightly easier than FC Emmen. However, they also get more goals against them. FC Emmen has taken all its points so far in home matches, of which one was won. FC Volendam has drawn twice in away games and has not won yet. Therefore, a draw would be a logical outcome in our view.

2nd free betting tip of 6

Our second prediction is RKC Waalwijk's win in their away match against Fortuna Sittard. Despite Fortuna Sittard's strong run at the moment, RKC Waalwijk is also getting excellent results. It is not for nothing that they are in a surprising 7th place in the league. RKC Waalwijk scores easily, and Fortuna Sittard gets relatively many goals against them. We, therefore, expect a match rich in goals, where RKC Waalwijk will eventually step off the field as the lucky winner.

3rd 1X2 betting tip of 6

Our third prediction is the tie between Sparta Rotterdam and NEC. Like RKC Waalwijk, Sparta Rotterdam has had an excellent start to the league. Where they were fighting relegation last year, they are currently in a nice 6th place. NEC has a rock-solid defense, with Jasper Cillessen as a goalkeeper. He is expected to be the first goalkeeper of the Dutch team at the World Cup in Qatar. Despite the strong defense, they have not scored many points because they do not score easily. Out of 9 games, they have drawn as many as 6.

Super Betting Tips  With The Lads out of Alkmaar, AZ
Super Betting Tips With The Lads out of Alkmaar, AZ

4th football betting tip of 6

Our fourth prediction is a win for the home team, FC Twente. This team plays extremely consistently and, along with AZ, has the least penetrated defense in the Eredivisie. In 9 games, they have had only 7 goals against them. Whereas FC Twente has a good start to the league, FC Groningen's start to the season has been pathetic. In many matches, they looked uninspired. In the previous round, they started strong, but a red card prevented them from keeping it up for 90 minutes.

5th super betting tip of 6

The fifth prediction of our algorithm shows a victory of PSV in their own stadium in Eindhoven. The visitors FC Utrecht are having a mediocre season so far. While 9th place is certainly not bad, more should be expected from them. PSV has maxed out in home games so far, and we do not expect that to change on Sunday. PSV's captain Luuk de Jong is still injured, but international Cody Gakpo is filling De Jong's absence well. He currently leads the top scorer rankings.

6th free betting tip of 6

Our sixth and also final prediction is Ajax's win over Excelsior. Ajax has played only one draw at home and won the other matches. Excelsior, one of the three teams from Rotterdam, gets the most points from home games. Of the five away games, they have lost three. Excelsior gets many goals against, and Ajax scores relatively many goals. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that it could be a big win for the team from Rotterdam. Ajax has a goal average of 3.0 in 9 games, and Excelsior has a whopping 20 goals scored in the same number of games.

Quotes round 10

Our algorithm's predictions include some great quotes in these rounds as well. At a bet of 25, 1,041.66 can be won. As always, the amount to be won is based on a bet according to the system called #LuckyAlex:

  • 1 bet on a 4-Fold (total 15 bets)

  • 1 bet on a 5-fold (total 6 bets)

  • 4 bets on a 6-fold (total 4 bets)

The odds at the time we made the bet at our online sports betting website are:

  • FC Emmen – FC Volendam: Draw with a quote of 3.80

  • Fortuna Sittard – RKC Waalwijk: Win for RKC Waalwijk with a quote of 3.15

  • Sparta Rotterdam – NEC: Draw with a quote of 3.45

  • PSV – FC Utrecht: Win for PSV with a quote of 1.42

  • FC Twente – FC Groningen: Win for FC Twente with a quote of 1.48

  • Ajax – Excelsior: Win for Ajax with a quote of 1.07

Have fun with round 10 of the Eredivisie. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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