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Football betting Round 11 in the Eredivisie with the best odds

Updated: Mar 6

Football Betting Heroes

Round 11 of the Eredivisie. The league where the future stars of the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and American Major League Soccer (MLS) are made. Clarence Seedorf made his debut in Ajax's first team at the age of 16. With Ajax, he surprisingly won the Champions League. After this, he also won the Champions League with Real Madrid and twice with AC Milan. In round 11, we can recommend two matches to watch. The first is between current number 15 Vitesse and number 17 FC Emmen. After a difficult start and the sacking of the coach, Vitesse recorded an important and big victory last week. Vitesse hosts FC Emmen, the team that has yet to pick up a single point in an away match. A win by Vitesse will allow the home side to distance themselves from the relegation zone. The other match we expect to be entertaining is the one between FC Groningen and PSV. This is not so much because we expect this match to be evenly matched, but because FC Groningen is one of the teams that gets many goals against, and PSV is the team that has scored the most goals of all teams in the previous 10 rounds. Therefore, a big win for PSV seems realistic.


Round 10 had as its big surprise the defeat of former No. 1 AZ against Feyenoord. Feyenoord won convincingly in Alkmaar 3-1. As a result, AZ dropped to fourth place, and Feyenoord rose to third. Another surprise was PSV's big win over FC Utrecht 6-1. FC Utrecht is normally a team that competes in the sub-top and can provide surprises against the top teams. In round 10, there was no surprise in sight and PSV scored in a big way. After having picked 5 out of 6 picks correctly in round 9, we scored 4 out of 6 in round 10. Because the odds were relatively low, this resulted in a small loss. With a bet of 25, our algorithm won 8.55. That's a 66% loss on the investment. However, after our gain last week of 333%, we still have an excellent return. This remains a return on investment that stock and crypto investors can only dream of. Of course, we again played our system the #LuckyAlex.

1st football betting tip of 6

The first match is between Feyenoord and Fortuna Sittard. Feyenoord is so far undefeated in its home matches. Of the four matches, they have won three and played one tie. In addition, they secured a fine victory over former front-runner AZ in Round 10. Fortuna Sittard has had a rough start, but has recovered and is unbeaten in the last four games. However, they have only recorded one win away from home. Based on our algorithm, we expect a win for Feyenoord.

2nd super betting tip of 6

The second match is between RKC Waalwijk and Ajax. After AZ's loss in Round 10 and Ajax's big win over Excelsior, Ajax is again the new league leader. RKC Waalwijk is currently performing above expectations. With a seventh position on the league table, they more than meet their goal of direct retention. Despite RKC's good form, we expect Ajax to steamroll to victory, given their individual class. Unlike the last victory over Excelsior, we do not expect it to be with the same supremacy.

3rd free betting tip of 6

The third match is between Excelsior and AZ. Excelsior suffered a big defeat in Round 10 on a visit to Ajax. AZ lost the lead in Round 10 to the same Ajax after an embarrassing defeat against Feyenoord. Both teams will want revenge for last week's results. AZ has won every game on foreign soil so far. This set against only one draw in Excelsior's last four games, and AZ is expected to win comfortably against Excelsior in Rotterdam.

Football Betting With Vitesse
Football Betting With Vitesse

4th 1X2 betting tip of 6

From the fourth match, we expect the most in terms of excitement. This is the match between NEC and Go Ahead Eagles. Go Ahead Eagles has recovered after a difficult start and has not lost the last four games. NEC did lose to Sparta Rotterdam in round 10. A debatable corner initiated the loss in the first half, after which they were unable to recover in the remainder of the match. Despite the two goals against in the last game, scoring against NEC proved difficult. On the other hand, Go Ahead Eagles does not score very easily. In the match between the number 11 and the number 13 of the league, a lot of excitement is expected, but not many goals. A draw seems a logical result.

5th football betting tip of 6

The fifth match is between FC Groningen and PSV. FC Groningen continues to disappoint, putting them in 16th place in the league. PSV is untouchable at home, but have already lost twice in their away games. In the European match before Round 10 and Round 10 itself, they scored on them. In these two matches, they scored as many as 11 times. FC Groningen have only recorded one win at home, and so far, they have conceded 22 goals against. Against the 35 goals PSV has already scored, a tough afternoon is expected for FC Groningen. Therefore, we expect a win for PSV.

6th super betting tip of 6

The sixth and final match is between SC Cambuur and FC Twente. SC Cambuur has won one of the five matches at home and lost the rest. FC Twente has lost three of the five away matches. Given both teams' form and the fact that FC Twente has the least-passed rearguard and SC Cambuur has difficulty scoring, we expect a win for FC Twente. The match did not seem to be moving toward a big win, but that is ultimately not important. Quotes round 11

Our algorithm's football betting tips again include great quotes in these rounds. With a bet of 25, 267.49 can be won. As always, the amount to be won is based on a bet according to the system, the #LuckyAlex: 1 bet on a 4-Fold (total of 15 bets)

1 bet on a 5-fold (total of 6 bets)

4 bets on a 6-fold (total of 4 bets)

The quotes from when we made the bet at our online sports betting website are:

  • Feyenoord - Fortuna Sittard: Win for Feyenoord with a quote of 1.21

  • RKC Waalwijk - Ajax: Win for Ajax with a quote of 1.25

  • Excelsior - AZ: Win for AZ with a quote of 1.40

  • NEC - Go Ahead Eagles: Draw with a quote of 3.60

  • FC Groningen - PSV: Win for PSV with a quote of 1.38

  • SC Cambuur - FC Twente: Win for FC Twente with a quote of 1.80

Have fun with round 11 of the Eredivisie. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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