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The best 1X2 betting tips for Round 12 of the Dutch Eredivisie football league.

Updated: Mar 6

We feel confident with our 1X2 betting tips. How do you feel?

After a great start in round 9 with five correctly predicted 1X2 betting tips, we had a real low in round 11. Two of the top four teams lost points against the lower ranked teams. Nevertheless, it is still amazing, considering the strange outcomes of round 11, we predicted three games correctly.

Virgil van Dijk

Round 12 of the Eredivisie. The league where the future stars of the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and American Major League Soccer (MLS). Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool's central defender, placed second behind Lionel Messi in the 2019/2020 season's Ballon d'Or election. The highly athletic Van Dijk began his career with FC Groningen in the Eredivisie. After this, he continued his career with Celtic in the Scottish league. After Celtic, he joined his current team Liverpool via Southampton. With Liverpool, he became champion of the Premier League, Champions League winner, and World Cup winner.

In Round 12, the first match is especially interesting. The match is between number 7 sc Heerenveen and number 8 FC Utrecht. Sc Heerenveen is having a shaky season so far. In round 11, they won by two late goals in the last 10 minutes against the bottom-placed FC Volendam. FC Utrecht won at home against Sparta Rotterdam. The result of 3-1 in favor of FC Utrecht suggests an easy victory, but the play was slightly in favor of Sparta Rotterdam. This game is between two teams who would have wished for a better start to the league, but both won the last game.

Recap football betting tips round 11

In round 11, 3 out of 6 picks were correctly predicted. Click here for our blog of round 11. Where in round 9 and 10 there were few surprises for our algorithm, round 11 was rife with big surprises. The most extraordinary result was the one between Excelsior and AZ. Excelsior was the former number 12 in the league, and AZ was the number 4. Despite the ranking, Excelsior started the match very boldly and grabbed a 2-0 lead after more than 30 minutes of play. AZ started well in the second half with an early 2-1, but could not make up the deficit afterward.

The other surprise was Feyenoord's against Fortuna Sittard. Feyenoord had a maximum score, except for a draw in the home games. Fortuna Sittard, on the other hand, had started the league poorly. Fortuna, however, was the team that took an early lead. In the first minute of the second half, Feyenoord could equalize, but failed to score the winning goal despite the field advantage. This game ended in a draw. Visit our blog about round 11 through this link.

Our 1X2 betting tips for round 12 are:

1st super betting tip of 6

Our first pick is the tie between sc Heerenveen and FC Utrecht. Both teams recorded wins in the previous round. However, both teams started the league moderately and are not yet showing the quality of soccer they are used to showing their supporters. FC Utrecht scores slightly easier than sc Heerenveen. However, sc Heerenveen gets relatively few goals against. Both teams also do not show a big home or away advantage. Therefore, a draw seems a logical result.

2nd free betting tip of 6

Our second pick is the win for Sparta Rotterdam against Fortuna Sittard. Sparta Rotterdam lost the last match against FC Utrecht. The team did seem a little less sharp than the previous games, but still demonstrated a good performance. In the home games, Sparta Rotterdam seems really very strong. Only the current number 1 and 4 were beaten by a goal difference. The other 4 games were won. Fortuna Sittard is on an excellent run. The last 6 games they are unbeaten. 3 games were won and 3 drawn. Despite the good series, we expect Sparta Rotterdam's home advantage to be the deciding factor.

3rd football betting tip of 6

Our third pick is the tie between FC Emmen and FC Groningen. FC Emmen is penultimate in the league. All the points they have earned so far have been in home games. FC Groningen achieved an excellent and very surprising victory against PSV in round 11. At 4-2, they showed their strongest side. However, the three games before that were lost, and they have only recorded one win away from home. For many, this may be surprising, but our algorithm predicts a draw.

1X2 Betting Tips For FC Utrecht
1X2 Betting Tips For FC Utrecht

4th 1X2 betting tip of 6

The fourth pick is the win for FC Twente. FC Twente has won five of its five duels at home. RKC Waalwijk has only recorded one win in its away games. FC Twente currently ranks among the top five in the league and has distanced itself from the number six in the last round. RKC Waalwijk is playing more than satisfactorily and occupies ninth place in the league. What is in FC Twente's favor, besides the home advantage, is that they have the fewest goals against of any team in the Eredivisie. Therefore, our algorithm chooses FC Twente's win.

5th super betting tip of 6

The fifth pick is the home win for PSV. PSV is playing very shaky when considering their goal of becoming champions. After a big win in round 10, they went down hard in round 11. At home, PSV shows good results. Together with FC Twente, they are the only teams with 100% of the maximum score at home. NEC is in an acceptable twelfth place. They have amassed the most points with ties. At NEC, it is notable that they give up relatively few goals. However, given PSV's goal-scoring power in home matches, a win for the home team seems a realistic outcome.

6th free betting tip of 6

The sixth and final pick of our algorithm is AZ's win over FC Volendam. AZ did not pick up any points in the last two rounds of play, dropping from the No. 1 position on the league table to No. 4. FC Volendam is currently last on the league table. They sometimes show decent game play, but do not seem strong enough to maintain themselves in the Eredivisie. AZ will want to take revenge after the bad run in front of their own crowd. We therefore expect a (big) victory for the team from Alkmaar. Quotes round 12

Our algorithm's predictions again include some great quotes in these rounds. With a bet of 25, 704.23 can be won. As always, the amount to be won is based on a bet according to the system, the #LuckyAlex: 1 bet on a 4-Fold (total of 15 bets)

1 bet on a 5-fold (total of 6 bets)

4 bets on a 6-fold (total of 4 bets)

The quotes from when we made a bet at our online sports betting website are:

1x2 Betting Tips Round 12
1x2 Betting Tips Round 12

Have fun with round 12 of the Eredivisie. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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